Core Values & Culture

Our values are based on the consistent practice of our guiding principles as listed below. These principles are paramount in all aspects of our community life:

Credibility that is based on in-depth knowledge, information, technology and faith in our intellectual endeavour.
Integrity that reflects our old-fashioned albeit long-lasting honesty, sincerity and loyalty.
Dedication that enables us to understand and focus on the needs of our students, and thereby accomplish specific tasks.

Satisfactory Results that make both students and staff feel rewarded and recognised.
Commitment to Social Capital that helps us heed God's call by sharing a portion of our profits with a community-based effort.

Our culture is one that respects and encourages the innovative and creative initiatives of each student, teaching and non-teaching staff, so that our institution is able to achieve the highest standard. A sense of ownership by each member of our community, all busy and cheerful, makes everything possible.

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