For every strategy, there is a list of specific results to be achieved. Implementation councils define key results for each year. Then task forces comprised of faculty, staff and parents set to work on the implementation of these key issues. Thus, step by step, we strive to ensure that our students will have the tools and skills necessary to succeed after leaving VRS.

Within our curriculum, there are areas that require ongoing emphasis. In addition to this, we concentrate on developing new programs that focus on skills likely to be needed by our young people to succeed within the ever-increasing pace of change that surrounds us all.

Selection of Skills

There are areas within our curriculum that require ongoing emphasis as well as development of new programs. The selection of skills listed below offer one view of what the workplace will likely call for our young people. These skills will help our young people succeed within the ever-increasing pace of change that surrounds us all.

At VRS, we strive for the development of the whole person. Academic success is balanced by the school's emphasis on personal growth and development. Our students are challenged and encouraged to discover their individual interests and abilities. Our teachers are committed to developing well-rounded individuals who are confident, creative and have the ability to communicate their feelings and aspirations.

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